5. Can I put my masterpiece in the microwave?
Again..you can but we do recommend that you treat your item like the masterpiece it is.  Save the cheap stuff for the microwave.

2. When Will my piece be done?
Your piece will be done and ready for pick up one week after you create it.

?? Frequently Asked Questions ??

1. How much will my masterpiece cost?
Studio fees are $7.00 per person. This fee covers the paint, supplies, glazing and the firing of your masterpiece. Each item you wish to paint has its own cost ranging from $3.50 to $60.00. On average we're seeing pieces purchased between $12.00 and $25.00 with lots of pieces for the kiddos ranging from $5.00 to $10.00.

6. Why is this so relaxing and stress relieving?
Because we all have a creative side. We just don't allow ourselves the time and the luxury of letting it shine!

4. Can I put my masterpiece in the dishwasher?
You can....but it low fire pottery so we recommend that, for years of enjoyment, you treat it like you would Fine China. After all, you took such joy in creating it.

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7. Do you host birthday parties?
Yes and they're loads of fun! Please refer to the Home page for details.

3. Why can't I take my creation home today?
After your masterpiece is finished we need to allow it to completely dry for 24 hours. Once dry, we dip it into a clear glaze. This clear glaze will make the item nice and shiny and, if it's a kitchen item, make it safe for use with food. After it's glazed it requires another 24 hours to dry. Once dry it waits it's turn to be fitted into the kiln where it'll be fired for 24 hours at a temperature of approximately 2000 degrees! When this process is finally done we have to empty the kiln and de-stilt the bottom of each piece. It then waits patiently for you to come pick it up and proudly bring it home.