Leave The Firing to Us!

Choose our colors from our large pallette of over 100 glazes.

You can brush, sponge, stencil, splatter, stamp or draw your design on your piece.  No need to be an experienced artist.  For added inspiration feel free to look in our idea books or simply copy one of our several sample items to start.  Our friendly Mad Platter experts are always willing to help and share ideas. 

Choose Your Pottery!

Select a piece of bisque that inspires you.  We have a ton of unique items to choose from.

How It Works!

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Once your masterpiece is finished we will clear glaze and kiln fire your piece to make it food safe, shiny and bright.  We'll have your piece ready for pick-up one week from the day you painted it. 

Allow Your Creativity To Soar!

Pick Your Paints!